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The Name

My mom, Billie McMahan-Haske, ordered My First Cookbook from Imperial Sugar when I was in 1st grade. She always said “yes” to my entreaties to mess up the kitchen creating cakes, cookies, brownies — all things delicious. She was the first of three women who guided me. My grandmother Helen Haske, Rogers City native, baked the best bread. She could easily stretch a package of yeast to make four loaves. She taught me how to knead and shape and learn the feel of dough. My maternal grandmother, Louise McMahan, was a southern farmer’s wife. She started every breakfast with tender buttermilk biscuits and ended each day with buttermilk cornbread served hot out of the cast iron skillet. She too was an excellent teacher. The name “Three Heart Bakery” is a tribute to the love and lives of these three women who shaped my one life and encouraged my interest in baking. And it reflects how the lives of these three women were shaped by their faith in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; God is three in one. Also, hearts are fun. I was born on Valentine’s Day so from day one my life has been hearts galore!

The Mission

I love to bake. It’s the ability to create; taking raw ingredients and turning them into something that titillates all the senses and makes people happy. As a child I observed that what I did in the kitchen could result in my family’s pleasure. As my interest progressed, I became fascinated with technique — how to properly measure, the different ways to mix, how each step in the process is inextricably connected to the previous step. I like the science — why does bread rise? Yeast, fermentation, simple sugars, carbon dioxide bubbles trapped in the gluten matrix. And everyone likes good bread with texture and crust and flavor. I chose bread as my focus for the bakery because it is one of the staple foods. It finds its way to nearly every table at mealtime. Baking is not a solitary pursuit. Ultimately it leads to communing and sharing with friends and family. I wanted to create a friendly place where people would be drawn by the aroma of fresh bread, where we would gather around the table to share our lives.

The Bakery

When you walk into the bakery, the aroma will be tantalizing. You will see large, crusty loaves of bread, each hand-shaped. You will see pastries and cakes and cookies — the transformation of flour and leaven into delicious treats. All bakery products are a result of top quality ingredients, tested recipes, and fastidious care. The bakery is for our community — a place to gather, share stories and laughter, a place to savor the tastes, aromas, and memories. May you enjoy the baked goodness that comes from Three Heart Bakery.