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The Location

We are located in the former Parkside Store, built in the 1940s by Bud and Elsie Rogers. They lived in the apartment above the store. Many have fond memories of these original proprietors as well as Wayne and Lois Davis who ran the store after the Rogerses. We have restored the building to begin creating new memories. In the process we retained what picwe could of the original features and furnishings. You will notice the cedar-framed, rough sawn window frames as they were when the building was built over 60 years ago. The stucco exterior and interior have a fresh coat of paint. The original pine, tongue-and-groove cash counter is showcased in the bakery complete with an original bottle opener attached to its front. We have kept one of the original Martin Houses in the outdoor landscaped areas. And the sign hangs from the original sign post. So for those who have crossed the threshold in the past, have fun reminiscing.